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Should you receive a warning about the security certificate concerning the Order Form or inability to verify the authenticity of the site, your computer's root certificate may be old or obsolete. Newer  versions of browsers such as IE and Firefox may warn you of this. This is due to failure to update your computers root certificate. Normal Windows or other updating does not always catch this.

Be advised that this site IS a GENUINE SECURE SITE


You may safely override, make exception, or temporarily accept certificate.

If you prefer not to do this see below on how to update your root certificate:


Normal Windows updating does not always include this update as it is an optional item.

To make sure this update is included:

1) Go to http://www.update.microsoft.com

2) Run Windows Update...(You should regularly do this anyway). Allow the site to check your computer.. Don't worry, the Microsoft site is safe.

3) Make sure to Select "Custom" , NOT "Express", and then "Select by type" on left side of page.

4) In "Software, optional" look for "Root Certificate Update".

5) Check this and any other optional updates you may want.

6) Follow onscreen directions. (You may be asked to restart your computer afterwards).

7) This should correct the problem. Now try again.